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Daily Fund Price

    Income Distribution
Fund NameChangeNav Price (RM)DateGross Income
Distribution (Sen)
DateNAV Price (RM)DateNAV Price (RM)
Absolute Return Fund II -0.00090.890829-Aug-14
AIIMAN Cash Fund0.00011.047629-Aug-140.250027-Aug-141.047528-Aug-141.0475
AIIMAN Growth Fund-0.00581.079729-Aug-14
AIIMAN Income Plus Fund0.00020.555129-Aug-14
AIIMAN Select Income Fund-0.00130.551429-Aug-14
Asia Bond Fund (Formerly known as Hwang Institutional Income Fund)-0.00021.147829-Aug-14
Asia Pacific (ex Japan) REITS and Infrastructure Fund (Formerly known as Global Infrastructure Fund)-0.00020.437829-Aug-14
AUD Income Fund - AUD (Note that the NAV price for this fund is quoted in AUD)0.00100.593929-Aug-14
AUD Income Fund - RM0.00050.567629-Aug-14
China Select Fund0.00350.633129-Aug-14
Enhanced Deposit Fund 0.00011.044129-Aug-140.150027-Aug-141.043928-Aug-141.0440
Fixed Maturity Income Fund III0.00021.127029-Aug-14
Fixed Maturity Income Fund IV0.00011.146429-Aug-14
Fixed Maturity Income Fund IX-0.00051.072929-Aug-14
Fixed Maturity Income Fund V0.00001.113229-Aug-14
Fixed Maturity Income Fund VI-0.00041.073429-Aug-14
Fixed Maturity Income Fund VII-0.00051.055429-Aug-14
Fixed Maturity Income Fund VIII-0.00081.068829-Aug-14
Fixed Maturity Income Fund X-0.00031.055129-Aug-14
Fixed Maturity Income Fund XI0.00001.010829-Aug-14
Flexi Fund II0.00060.542729-Aug-14
Global Commodity Fund0.00030.417729-Aug-14
PRS Conservative Fund-0.00040.524629-Aug-14
PRS Growth Fund-0.00070.549229-Aug-14
PRS Moderate Fund-0.00100.541829-Aug-14
PRS Shariah Growth Fund-0.00310.606229-Aug-14
Select Asia (ex Japan) Opportunity Fund (Formerly known as Global Opportunities Fund)-0.00140.506129-Aug-14
Select Asia (ex Japan) Quantum Fund0.00041.359629-Aug-14
Select Balanced Fund -0.00160.663129-Aug-14
Select Bond Fund0.00070.631729-Aug-14
Select Bond Fund - USD0.00060.506029-Aug-14
Select Cash Fund-0.00011.044129-Aug-140.200027-Aug-141.044128-Aug-141.0442
Select Dividend Fund-0.00310.640029-Aug-14
Select Income Fund 0.00040.672629-Aug-14
Select Japan Quantum Fund-0.00030.562129-Aug-14
Select Opportunity Fund -0.00350.964029-Aug-14
SGD Income Fund - RM0.00090.548729-Aug-14
SGD Income Fund - SGD (Note that the NAV price for this fund is quoted in SGD)0.00040.545029-Aug-14
Structured Income Fund V0.00001.017529-Aug-14
Structured Income Fund VIII0.00001.010029-Aug-14
Tactical Opportunity Capital Protected Fund0.00001.020229-Aug-14
Last Updated: 02 September 2014, 05:31 pm

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